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Chimney Sweep Essential to Your Spring Cleaning Routine

Why a Chimney Sweep is Essential to Your Spring Cleaning Routine

If you had to guess the best of time of year to clean your chimney, when would it be? Unfortunately, most people guess the fall. They think that, because they’re going to be using their chimneys in the winter, they should have them cleaned in the fall so that they’re ready to go. This is… Read more »

Green Practices to Consider in your Home or Building

Green Practices to Consider in your Home or Building

“Going green” means finding ways to make more ecologically responsible decisions to help protect and sustain the environment. When it comes to air quality, there are some green practices you can use in your home or building to become more considerate of the environment. Choose nontoxic cleaning products. Modern cleaning products often contain chemicals that… Read more »

Have you Checked your Furnace Lately?

Have You Checked Your Furnace Lately?

When the mercury starts to plunge on the thermometer this winter, you will need to turn your furnace on and provide your home with as much heat as possible. But before you get into the habit of doing it every day, you should make sure you have the proper furnace maintenance facts. Check out some… Read more »

Dirty Ducts a Risk to Your Restaurant

Dirty Ducts a Risk to Your Restaurant

Cleanliness is paramount as competition in the restaurant industry is more competitive today than it ever was. In the heat of the kitchen, and amidst the heat of competition, regular commercial air duct cleanings will help you stay ahead. Here’s why. Perils of Uncleanly Ducts As restaurant owner, you want to do everything in your… Read more »

Choosing the Right Air Humidifier

Choosing the Right Air Humidifier

A humidifier is a wonderful machine, and during the winter months especially, it can greatly improve the quality of air in your home. Surely you’ve experienced the symptoms of dry air in the winter; your face gets itchy and patchy and you might experience a nosebleed or two because of it. A humidifier puts moisture… Read more »

Cleaning Your Garbage Chute

Vaccuum with Garbage Shoot Waste

In a previous blog post, we mentioned the importance of having your chimney properly cleaned to promote healthy air circulation. Of equal importance is the routine cleaning of your building’s garbage shoot, that funny little contraption in charge of disposing all kinds of foul waste. Why? Well, because it’s garbage of course! Here’s what you… Read more »

Spring Cleaning: Getting Your Indoor Air Clean this Spring

Winter will soon be coming to an end which means spring is right around the corner. When the new season does arrive, there is nothing more enjoyable than reveling in the warm springtime air. While the air outside is delightful, the air in your home or office may not be so sweet. But do not… Read more »

Heat Recovery Ventilators: How They Work and How to Keep Them Clean

When it’s warm outside, it’s easy to keep fresh air circulating throughout your home. All you need to do is crack open a window at either end of your home and let a cross breeze of fresh air enter your home immediately. But what happens when it’s cold outside and you want fresh air? Opening… Read more »