We at Superior A.D.C take great pride in our professional service. We offer attentive care and we follow industry leading standards. We’ve become the first choice for quality clean air services.

Superior A.D.C has been in operation since 2004. Since the very first day, Superior A.D.C has offered a personable and friendly service. Over the years we’ve done our best to ensure that each experience is your best experience.

We would like to thank all our valued customers who have spoken to us, and those who have taken the time to write us to let us know how happy they were with our service. What is even more important to us, is seeing customers return and allowing us to help their families breathe easier and healthier.

Excellent, Excellent and more Excellent service provided to us by Nuno and Carlos. Thank you so much for providing the best duct cleaning and dryer cleaning imaginable. I contacted 3 companies but I was extremely impressed with the detail in the estimate given. Nuno and team were punctual, efficient, accurate, thorough, courteous and most important, masters of their trade. They even inspected & recommended we get new filters for our furnace & humidifier. His level of expertise was truly apparent especially when they cleaned our dryer vents. During the cleaning of our dryer vents, Nuno came across some difficulty but he never gave up until he discovered the root of the problem. My dryer is working exceptionally well and I have never seen anybody’s vents look cleaner. If you are looking to have your vents cleaned look no further, contact Superior Air Duct Cleaning, you will be extremely pleased with their excellence and dedication to Customer Service. Thank you again!
Maria M in Toronto

We went with Superior after reading some good reviews elsewhere online. We knew the work had to be done right because we had tons of drywall and plaster dust all over the house following a major renovation. We were not disappointed! My husband was here when the fellow came to do the work and he was so impressed with how the guy took the time to explain to him what he was doing and why he was doing it. He answered all of my husband’s questions and was courteous, professional, and a pleasure to deal with. I couldn’t believe it when I came home and my husband said he’d been WOWED by a duct cleaner! The work, of course, was top-notch. This is truly a great company to deal with and we’d definitely use them again without hesitation. Thanks, Superior!
E.D. in Parkdale

I heard of Superior from a friend at work that suggested I use them to solve a dryer problem that I was having. From the time I called in to get information, I could tell that this was an organised company. Steve was very informative in explaining the process to me before we booked and I ended up booking a duct cleaning service as well. I have had my ducts cleaned a few times in the past and I couldn’t believe the difference in the operation while the cleaning was being performed. The two technicians that came to my house the day of the appointment were very honest, polite and very respectful of my property. During the cleaning process they took the time to explain to me what was going on while giving advice on how to maintian my system. Once the duct cleaning was completed they then cleaned my dryer line and did a great job. it turns out that there was a birds nest in the exhausts line and they were able to remove it. My dryer has never worked better. The next day following my service I went in to work and thanked my co-worker for a great referral. I would suggest anyone interested in a great duct cleaning experience to try the guys out. Ill use them for the rest of my home owning life!! Keep up the great work!
John in Mississauga

Superior Air Duct Cleaning were great to deal with over the phone. They showed up on time, completed the cleaning, and walked us through our HVAC system in our new home. They were thorough and efficient.
SKAR in Toronto

Superior Air Duct Cleaning offered great service at a fair price. The technicians showed up at the appointment time, quickly and carefully setup and began cleaning all the ducts. The system was cleaned in about an hour including a free furnace cleaning. I have used them for two different homes in the past year and have been equal experiences. Highly recommended.
Danny from Mississauga

Visit homestars.com to see the live posting page. Superior A.D.C is a perfect 10/10 company, rated by our valued customers. Superior A.D.C will do our best to constantly improve so we can serve you better.