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Please note that we have been made aware that there are telemarketing firms using our name and website to solicit services on behalf of poorly operated, unlicensed and un insured companies. Superior Air DOES NOT and HAS NEVER solicited services through telemarketing. If you have been contacted by a telemarketer claiming to be us or a part of our corporation please note that it is serious SCAM and should be reported to your local authorities and the CRTC (Canadian Radio‑television and Telecommunications) with as much information that you have on the caller. Never hire anyone that solicits you home through telemarketing for Duct Cleaning.


Superior Air Duct Cleaning has been successfully operating in the air duct cleaning industry since 2004. We specialize in providing commercial and residential air duct cleaning in Toronto, ON and many of the surrounding areas. From the very beginning, quality has always been the focal point for us when setting home and business owners up with our services. All work is performed by highly trained and experienced technicians to ensure professional results, as we never subcontract any of our projects. This has allowed us to maintain our credibility over the years while establishing a stellar reputation.

Commercial and Residential Air Duct Cleaning Experts in Toronto, ON

Superior Air Duct Cleaning is a company that has been certified by NADCA (HVAC Inspection, Maintenance and Restoration Association). This ensures that all our technicians have the required knowledge of source removal cleaning tactics. We also take part in annual examinations to further our education in the field so that we can stay up to date with the latest industry standards when performing commercial and residential air duct cleaning in Toronto, ON. We pride ourselves on being air system cleaning specialists and are members of the Better Business Bureau with an exceptional rating. We’re also WHMIS certified, WSIB registered, and members of the Indoor Air Quality Association.

Customer satisfaction has played an extremely important part in our success, and we intend to keep it that way moving forward when supplying commercial and residential air duct cleaning in Toronto, ON. We keep our new and repeat customers happy by using state-of-the-art equipment and effective cleaning tactics to attain optimal results. We also have technicians that are fully uniformed, polite, and very knowledgeable when it comes to indoor air quality. And of course, we’re fully insured and bonded to give our customers that extra peace of mind.

Try Superior Air Duct Cleaning once and you’ll never look for another air duct cleaning company again! Call us at 877-891-3828 today to schedule commercial and residential air duct cleaning in Toronto, ON.