Condominiums & Commercial Buildings

Condo Duct & Dryer Cleaning Services in Toronto

Superior A.D.C. is the leading clean air specialist in the GTA and offer industry leading support for condos and commercial buildings.

We offer duct cleaning services in all commercial and industrial applications.  From offices, restaurants, stores, hospitals, nurseries, to warehouses and paint booths, we do it all.  These types of facilities require an advanced knowledge of the HVAC system to render effective results.  When servicing the commercial and industrial industries, all precautions are taken ensuring both the safety of our technicians and the also the affected staff in our proximity.  Containment of both the ambient air and air within the HVAC systems is a priority to avoid any cross contamination.  All environmental controls are used that coincide with NADCA’S commercial cleaning protocols.  A carefully devised plan is set forth with our staff and managers of the facility to successfully complete the project.  A full guarantee accompanies the completion of all projects to ensure that our customers are 100 % satisfied with our service.

Superior Services for Condos & Condominiums

Garbage Chute Deodorizing

Garbage Chute & Compactor Cleaning-steam cleaning, disinfecting and deodorizing. Total sanitizing, disinfecting and long-term deodorizing of the entire system. We remove food sources and grime that lead to roach and vermin infestation and foul noxious odors.

Dryer Exhaust In Suite & Common Area Laundry Rooms

When a dryer is not venting properly it is less efficient and costs more to operate. We address these issues by offering industry leading service that follows strict industry guidelines to ensure only the best service.

Bathroom and Kitchen In Suite

A buildup of dust and debris in your homes exhausts can create inadequate ventilation and excessive wear of the fan components. We have your fan exhaust lines cleaned to improve your home’s overall efficiency.

Fan coil cleaning and maintenance including filter changes

Fan coil maintenance will be performed on the mechanical components of the fan coil unit to ensure efficient operation of the unit. We will also replace filters with the best brands and highest quality to ensure optimal performance year round.

Common Area Makeup air shafts

Our technicians improve the quality of air that recirculates in your condo.

Why choose SuperiorADC as your clean air contractor:

  • Professional, educated and courteous technicians
  • Project management headed by NADCA Certified Air System Cleaning specialists
  • Powerful truck mounted equipment
  • Over a decade of field experience
  • Insured, licensed and bonded
  • Complete customer satisfaction Guarantee