Spring Cleaning: Getting Your Indoor Air Clean this Spring

Clean AirWhen the Spring Season is finally in full swing, there is nothing more enjoyable than reveling in the warm springtime air. While the air outside is delightful, the air in your home or office may not be so sweet. But do not worry. There are many methods that you can use to clean your indoor air and breathe easier when the warmer season comes around.

Keep Your Home or Business Open

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to clean the air in your home or business is to keep fresh air flowing through windows or open doors. While this may not always be the most effective method, it’s definitely the simplest option. Make sure you wash your window screens to remove any dust or debris that may have accumulated, and get your property ready for the warmer weather.

Replace Air Filters

Of course, high rises often don’t feature windows you can open, which means that the primary way to keep air clean is through filtration. That’s why it’s so important to regularly clean or replace your furnace and air conditioner air filters. Ideally, you want to clean your filtration system every three months during the year and check it monthly during the winter season when your heating is running more continuously, but in case you’ve forgotten, the arrival of spring is the perfect time to get to some spring cleaning. Keeping filters clear not only ensures that your air is clean inside, but also that your machinery is running more effectively, saving you on your energy costs, as well.

Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned

Your air filters can be changed regularly – even on a daily basis – but it won’t matter if your ducts are dirty. Cleaning out dirt, dust and debris from your ducts eliminates the hazards that may be contaminating the air after being filtered. Have our team complete your duct cleaning and we will clear your ducts of contaminants like dust, bacteria or mold, allowing you to enjoy fresh air out of all your ducts all year long.

Clean Your Plants

Having real and fake plants in your home or corporate office can add a nice touch to the overall appearance of the space, and even remove some contaminants in the air, but they can also lead to contaminated air. Plants are natural dust magnets, and some can even attract mold, which can irritate asthma symptoms. Remedy this problem by thoroughly cleaning your plants and re-potting them if the problem persists.

At Superior Air Duct Cleaning, we know the ins and outs of air quality, and we offer a number of tools and services that are sure to keep your indoor air clean and safe. Whether it is duct cleaning or installing an electric air cleaner, we can do it all so you can look forward to clean air this spring and all throughout the year. Learn more by calling us today at 877-891-3828.

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