Cleaning Your Garbage Chute

In a previous blog post, we mentioned the importance of having your chimney properly cleaned to promote healthy air circulation. Of equal importance is the routine cleaning of your building’s garbage shoot, that funny little contraption in charge of disposing all kinds of foul waste. Why? Well, because it’s garbage of course! Here’s what you should know about the cleaning process.

Why It Needs to Be Cleaned Vaccuum with Garbage Shoot Waste

Air circulates through a garbage shoot much like it does through a chimney. The up-draft causes unusual bacteria and smells to reach the air and become toxic. This unhealthy air escapes each time the chute doors are opened. Let’s not forget to mention the build-ups of rotten waste and food residue that occurs when a chute is neglected, which attract roaches and vermin inside your building.

How It’s Done

Superior Air Duct Cleaning uses a thorough deodorizing system to scrub your garbage chute of all its noxious fumes and hazardous materials. The entire area is sanitized and disinfected to a tee. Hiring a professional to do this service will ease your mind as a commercial building or business owner because you’ll know your staff and guests are breathing clean air in a safe environment.

Timing Is Everything

How often should garbage shoots be cleaned? Experts say 2 to 4 times a year, but it is also suggested that you schedule more cleanings during the warm calendar months. Shoot cleaning schedules also depend on environmental factors, such as climate temperature, and the number of occupants within your building or home.

Superior Air Duct offers air duct cleaning services for all commercial and industrial facilities. Learn more about the services we offer here.

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