Heat Recovery Ventilators: How They Work and How to Keep Them Clean

When it’s warm outside, it’s easy to keep fresh air circulating throughout your home. All you need to do is crack open a window at either end of your home and let a cross breeze of fresh air enter your home immediately. But what happens when it’s cold outside and you want fresh air? Opening the window doesn’t make much sense, because while it will allow fresh air to enter your home, it will also bring down the temperature and force your heating system to work overtime to heat your home back up. So what are your alternatives to keep air fresh and clean?

Installing a heat recovery ventilator can help you fix your stuffy air the problem. It’s one of the most effective ways to keep fresh air circulating throughout your home at all times while retaining the heat that keeps your air warm. Remove the allergens, dust, mold or mildew in your air by using an HRV.

Heat Recovery VentilatorA heat recovery ventilator works by taking the heat that exists inside of your home’s air and transferring it to incoming fresh air from outside while simultaneously getting rid of the stale air. Heat recovery ventilation systems pull air from inside your home into them, capture the heat, and then move the stale air outdoors. At the same time, an HRV system will draw new, fresh air inside and improving your indoor air quality while capturing the heat given off by the air leaving your home. It’s a very efficient method of keeping your energy costs down in the winter while keeping your home’s air clean.

While a heat recovery ventilator will work wonders in your home, it’s very important for you to maintain it so that it continues to do its job at all times. Superior Air Duct Cleaning can assist you with this. We offer HRV cleaning services to keep your heat recovery ventilator working properly all season long. Learn more or schedule a cleaning appointment today by calling us today at 877-891-3828.

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