Green Practices to Consider in your Home or Building

“Going green” means finding ways to make more ecologically responsible decisions to help protect and sustain the environment.

When it comes to air quality, there are some green practices you can use in your home or building to become more considerate of the environment.

Choose nontoxic cleaning products. Green Practices to Consider in your Home or Building

Modern cleaning products often contain chemicals that cause toxic effects on human lungs and skin and create noxious environments for people when dangerous propellants in aerosol products are inhaled. Opt instead to use pump products and homemade or other nontoxic cleaners. Ingredients such as baking soda and vinegar are simple household ingredients that get the job done in a greener, less toxic way. Utilizing less toxic products creates a safer, healthier environment.

Check furnace and air conditioner filters often.

Molds may grow on dirty, unchanged furnace and air conditioner filters, causing negative effects on your home or building’s air quality. Check your filter at the beginning of the heating or cooling season and perform maintenance as required. Though filters become more effective as they get dirtier, less air getting through the filter equals lower air quality. Go greener by using washable furnace filters to eliminate the need for disposable ones, reducing waste and avoiding annual costs.

Consider fresh air intake.

Adding a fresh air intake to your forced-air heating and cooling system’s ducting lets fresh air into your home when you use exhaust fans or fireplaces. Simply extend the return-air duct work of your system to the outside to add an opening for outdoor air. Use a fan cycler or something similar to encourage air circulation. To prevent air impurities from getting indoors, use a filter in the new air source.

Select low-emitting and low-maintenance materials.

Reduce the pollution released into your indoor air by using products that are low emitting, low maintenance, and low in volatile organic compounds (low VOC). From flooring and furniture to paints and insulation, what you choose to use in your home or business affects your air quality. Choose formaldehyde-free insulation and low-VOC adhesives, and find pressed wood products to avoid urea-formaldehyde. Using these materials from the start helps you avoid the need to take more drastic measures to clean your air.

Superior Air Duct Cleaning understands the importance of energy reduction and decreased pollution. Implementing these green practices, our air duct-cleaning specialists use state-of-the-art equipment and effective cleaning tactics for excellent results. Call us today at 1-877-891-3828 to set up an appointment!

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