UV Bacterial Treatment

We work as hard as we can to make sure we live up to our business name here at Superior Air Duct Cleaning. We love talking about the technical expertise of our staff and how quickly they can finish maintenance work or a thorough cleaning of your ventilation system. However, we also offer a couple of air filtration and treatment products that can greatly improve the air quality in your building.


Step into any hotel or condominium complex and, if the property manager has done the job right, you’ll be able to tell that the air has a fresh quality which isn’t easily matched. In many of these cases, the HVAC systems in these buildings have been outfitted with some type of germicidal technology that can kill biological contaminants.


Interestingly enough, one of the most effective ways to accomplish this job is through the application of ultraviolet light to the air being circulated through your ventilation. Here at Superior Air Duct Cleaning, we offer the Bio-Fighter Germicidal UV light unit to help our clients better control indoor pollution.


This germicidal equipment is installed just above the air conditioning coil in an HVAC system. As air passes through this part of the system, the light emits ultraviolet light that penetrates the cell walls of contaminants and kills them, ridding them from the indoor air supply of an indoor environment. A lot of moisture can form near the air conditioning coil of an HVAC system, making this an extremely important portion of the ventilation system to treat for bacterial pollutants.


When you go by the name Superior Air Duct Cleaning, your ventilation knowledge and air treatment techniques ought to be superior. Throughout the Greater Toronto Area, there is no firm with our air treatment and quality expertise, especially when it comes to condominiums and commercial buildings. Treat your guests to the freshest air quality possible with Superior Air Duct Cleaning’s professional services.


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