Air Duct Cleaning Winter

Winter is coming. And as the cold sets in and the heat comes on, it’s time to make sure your air ducts are up to scruff at home and in the office. Regular cleanings of your air duct systems are important for energy-efficiency and financially lucrative reasons, but there are other maintenance steps that should be taken into account when preparing for snowier days.


Even if your HVAC system is spotless, there are other issues that may be affecting your heating costs and air quality. A leak in the system that is either caused by holes in the pipe or messy connections between pipes will not only result in paying for air that doesn’t enter the living space, but can actually be quite dangerous. These leaks can result in greenhouse gas emissions being leaked into the air, as well as carbon monoxide shooting in through a backdraft from the furnace or other appliances.


Air leaks are fairly simple to detect and fix. To find a leak, turn the HVAC thermostat from “automatic” to “on.” Next, feel for escaping hot air outside of the ducts. Once found, use mastic tape for small holes or sloppy pipe connections. If the leak is larger, metal tape or sealant may be appropriate. Duct tape won’t last very long, so we advise avoiding this method.


Any duct that runs through an attic space or other open-air environment should be insulated. Insulation is another fairly simple process for DIYers. Insulation for HVAC systems comes in two forms: sleeve style and blanket style. Just be sure to pick an appropriate material for your system.


And for all of your HVAC cleaning needs, contact Superior Air Duct Cleaning. Let’s get your system ready for winter!



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