Evil That Lurks in Your House

Since the research is still out on whether air duct cleaning truly does assist things like allergies and asthma, as well as just better breathing, we continue to see some companies and the environmental protection agency still not fully committing to saying that cleaning air ducts is worth it. We do however have some information on house cleaning leading to improved breathing and functionality for people’s lives.


Even the EPA does admit that regular cleaning of your home and even things like replacing the carpet or furniture such as beds and pillows can improve sleep and breathing problems, as well as allergies. That is because beds, pillows, carpets and even air ducts gather up a lot of things in them. Carpets get covered in hair that drops from you which turns into dust, the same occurs with pillows and beds, and extra hair and dust is pulled into the air ducts all the time, then blown back out.


This means, just like how replacing all of these furniture items and other pieces in your home can improve your breathing and allergies, so can cleaning out your air ducts rather than replacing them all together. Your air ducts won’t absorb things as it is made of a material that doesn’t hide dirt and grime as much. That means you can actually see when you need to clean the air ducts out, compared to just guessing when you need to replace your carpet or bed.


No matter what though, there are definitely evil allergens and dander and other problems that lurk in your home and cause you trouble. So always remember to keep cleaning your home regularly, even if it means hiring someone for the air ducts, since you should never do those yourself.


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