Tips to Finding Your Air Duct Cleaner

If you have ever had allergies or any kind of lung problems you are probably one of many people who are concerned about their air quality and just breathing well in general. In fact most air duct cleaning companies advertise that cleaning your ducts will lead to you breathing better, and many people agree to get it done regularly.


But there is more than air duct cleaning that you can resort too. In fact, most experts only recommend getting your ducts cleaned once a year sometimes even twice a year unless you have pets that shed hair and dander. Otherwise there just isn’t that much for an air duct cleaning to do. They just won’t get much because it takes time for hair and dust and other things to be stuck in the air duct. But if you are worried about breathing the stuff in, it doesn’t hurt to get it done sooner so long as you go to an air duct cleaning company that is reputed for doing a good job.


The first thing you do when looking for a good company is check to see if your state has licensing for air duct cleaning companies. If it does, then look into three companies at the same time, and compare their prices and ask for their licensing. You can also ask what equipment they use, because any professional air duct cleaning company will be using equipment that is used outside your home. That means anyone coming over to your place shouldn’t be staying in your house only the entire time they are there.


Also remember never to just hire on prices alone. A deal of 40-60 dollars for a single air duct cleaning does sound like a steal compared to most places that are more around 300-400 dollars. But that’s also likely to be one of the many air duct cleaning scams that have been appearing because it is harder to judge if an air duct cleaning company has actually done their job.


And that brings it to the last point. Take some pictures of your air ducts before and after they come. Make sure you can get a picture well into the duct otherwise it’s useless, but you should be able to tell from the pictures alone, especially if it’s been years since your duct has been cleaned. This will give you the ability to tell further if the air duct cleaning company actually did their job!


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