Making Trust in Better Businesses

A recent North Carolina air duct repair and installation company has been causing trouble in a few cities, including Saint Louis and Charlotte. The company, which has stated they have a business license in North Carolina but no record can be found of such, seems to think they can get away with taking advantage of elderly citizens by simply stating they had done work when they had done nothing or not even finishing the work and asking to be paid.


The company is just one of many that we often see in the world that take advantage of the trust and understanding that is supposed to occur between a company and the clients it takes. Even worse that comes in is the poor ethics that are shown by doing such a thing. These are companies that know they are doing something wrong, in essence a scam or a Ponzi scheme. Many times they change their name or move location just so it is harder to catch them, but they are doing harm to companies everywhere by getting away with these acts.


How are people supposed to trust a company to get the job done and ask for fair pay on that job when there are companies around that are taking advantage of that trust? It all comes down to that trust in the long run. If people don’t trust certain companies then they won’t pay for the services. If people don’t want to trust further air duct repair and installation companies because of this one company, then that hurts us, and it hurts those people.


This is exactly why we have companies like the Better Business Bureau, who are entirely devoted to making sure companies don’t take advantage of people, and that people aren’t ruining companies for no reason. It’s a careful balance, and it requires information and understanding from both sides, as well as working together. Otherwise, how can anyone go about trusting anyone else in this world?



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