The Importance of Maintaining Air Quality

cleaning the air ductsSuperior A.D.C. is committed to improving the overall health of business and residential environments and those who have to live and work within them. The indoors can contain some very polluted air, and often the air carries more pollutants inside a building than outside of that building. Regular cleaning of the air ducts in your facility may be the most effective way to support indoor health.

A number of sinus, nasal and respiratory issues can develop among those who have to interact with a dusty, moldy environment. The air inside of a building can be anywhere from two to five times as polluted as the air is outside. This is caused by the buildup of pollen, animal dander and other irritants, often collecting in areas like ducts where air passes through regularly.

A business or residential complex should have their air ducts checked and cleaned once every 5 years. This helps to clear out the dirt that has been accumulating in these areas. Otherwise, air flowing through the ducts continues to pick up contaminants and circulate them through your office or home.

Make sure that when you hire an air duct cleaning company, you pay for a service that leaves a healthy environment behind without the heavy use of chemical-based cleaners. The company should also be NADCA certified to ensure a professional service. Superior A.D.C. uses a number of green techniques to clean with all-natural products and dispose of waste safely. We also install washable air filters for furnaces, reducing the amount of trash created by disposable filters.

Everyone knows the importance of maintaining air quality, but very few decide to actually do anything about it. If it has been more than a few years since you last had the air ducts in your buildings cleaned, or you can’t remember the last cleaning, treat yourself to the best indoor air quality that money can buy. Superior A.D.C. services commercial and residential buildings throughout the GTA. Call us today for further information or to schedule an appointment.

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