Natural Airflow Promotes Health

cleaning the air ductsNatural airflow into a living space is very important for promoting the health of the family or residents living within a home or apartment building. However, a homeowner will want to ensure that their property strikes a good balance between ventilation and insulation. Although fresh air within an enclosure is helpful, too much heat loss during the winter months can lead to wasted money or even an increased risk of illness for those living within the home.

You may have noticed drafts while walking throughout your home. This slight breeze within your house may be an indication that a hole exists in a window, a ceiling or even the floor of the room. Additionally, an attic or basement space may be home to dozens of air leaks that a homeowner may not even be aware of.

As these air leaks add up, it can create huge heating and electric bills throughout the year.

Some homes, however, may need an influx of fresh air that requires the installation of a ventilation system that better spreads air flow throughout the building. This can create even more leakage issues as ventilation ducts are not typically inspected regularly. Without any knowledge that a leak is developing on a duct that may be located behind a wall or underneath a floor, it’s impossible to take any action to stop or alleviate the air leak.

Having a professional service clean the air ducts in your home’s ventilation system will help you find if there are any leaks that have developed in those airways. Superior Air Duct Cleaning can provide this service and so much more to residential and commercial buildings throughout the Greater Toronto Area. We will leave your home feeling fresher and smelling cleaner in no time.

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