Indoor Air Quality and Developmental Disorders

It’s hard for most people to understand the negative health impacts of indoor air pollution as opposed to what they encounter outside their homes. It’s easy to see the sources of outdoor air pollution in the car exhaust and factories found throughout the urban areas of our country. But many ignore the signs of indoor air quality issues, often at their own peril.

Woman breathing in air at home

It’s incredible to think that people spend nine out of every ten minutes indoors, and all of that time spent in one environment can greatly impact personal health. That’s why indoor air pollution consistently ranks as a top public health concern year in and year out.

We’ve talked about the problems involved with dirty air ducts here on the Superior Air Duct Cleaning blog. We’re not surprised to find out about new developments in indoor health concerns, but we want to make sure to make our readers aware so that they can enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

Developmental disorders like autism have been a rising issue in public health, but few would make any connection between indoor air quality and the chances that a child will be born with this condition. However, reports show high levels of indoor air pollution can cause inflammatory issues in pregnant mothers that increase the risk of a child developing autism.

Different health conditions experienced by a mother can affect the chances of a child being born with autism. For example, the above article cites statistics that indicate a mother who contracts the flu during her first trimester triples the chance that a child will be born autistic. Bacterial infections and other ailments suffered in later trimesters can also add to the risk, so keeping the mother as healthy as possible is crucial for the baby’s development.

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