Air Quality and Work Quality

If there is any one thing that makes business owners and employers jump at trying to fix something it is when you mention employee productivity. But in this case, air quality isn’t often something that people really talk about, and it is because people don’t talk about it that it often becomes a problem people don’t notice.


A number of recent studies have revealed recent evidence around the effect of indoor air quality on employee productivity. And this wasn’t just air that smelled terrible, or you couldn’t breathe in, because those are cases extreme enough that they are handled. The issue is more subtle areas of air quality, such as how the air is when it is around a 20-year-old carpet on the floor that otherwise seems fine.


One of these studies revealed that the volatile organic compounds emitted by the carpet usually caused by most manufactured things actually slowed down the employees exposed to it, compared to the employees not exposed to it. It was only around a 5% decrease in typing speed and accuracy, but that can end up adding up, especially when you bring in multiple factors, such as one study did with both VOCs and ventilation. Well-ventilated areas with 20 cubic feet per minute per person being blown through the place also saw another 5% increase in typing speed and accuracy.


As you can see these small percentages can quickly add up when you start to take in multiple factors just around the air quality in your offices or where ever you are working. Something as simple as having a better functioning air conditioning, or opening windows, or regularly replacing the carpet boosted the work quality of your employees. In almost all of these various studies done, the people involved in the tests didn’t even notice a problem with the air quality, because it is all something that is subtle and even something as subtle as air can make all the difference in the end.






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