The Importance of Chimney Cleaning

A chimney is a very beneficial piece to have in your home, especially in the winter when the temperatures are freezing here in the North. Often, people forget to get their chimney cleaned when it needs to be. This can cause a good amount of problems if you don’t hire a professional like Superior Air Duct Cleaning.

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The Perfect Time to Clean is Spring

Your chimney can build up creosote, which is from the incomplete combustion of wood. Ultimately, this can lead to a chimney fire because of the high flammability. You never want this to happen, which means paying attention to build-ups are significant.

Superior Air Duct Cleaning is here to help get your chimney cleaned out, so that you and your family can stay healthy and safe.

We remove all the wood and ashes from the fireplace and use a large vacuum hose to capture the falling debris. We then insert air-powered rods along the chimney walls with brushes to clean the entire surface of the chimney. We repeat this until the chimney is cleaned out completely.

Lastly, our technician will conduct a final inspection making sure that all the soot and smoke residues have been removed.

The Benefits of Cleaning Your Chimney

Not only does getting your chimney cleaned out important for preventing potential chimney fires, it’s also important to you and your family’s health. For one, cleaning your chimney regularly will prevent large-cost chimney repairs in the future. The other reasons have to do with safety and health.

  • Removes all the build-up from the winter
  • Improves air flow and air quality in your home
  • Prepare your chimney a head of time for the next winter
  • Prevent health issues such as skin and eye irritation
  • Prevent respiratory problems and flu-like symptoms

Your health is extremely important, and when you get a professional like us to come and clean out your chimney thoroughly, you’re guaranteeing better air quality and a healthier home. Illnesses can be causes by an unclean chimney, which can result in other serious health problems.

Superior Air Duct Cleaning

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