Feeling Stuffy? Open the Windows for Spring!

After a long winter, especially up in the North, your home can get stuffy and uncomfortable with breathing. It’s time to open those windows and let the fresh, spring air roll through and breathe new life into your home and its indoor air quality!

woman opening windows to improve indoor air quality

The Benefits of Opening Windows

Opening some windows and turning on the ceiling fans can improve your indoor air quality immensely. From tracking bacteria in all winter with your boots to illnesses, your house will get polluted. It can be refreshing and beneficial to crack those windows and let the pollution out.

Pollutants can be released from appliances such as fireplaces, water heaters, gas ovens, and space heaters. When you’re constantly using them all winter, your indoor air quality will be bad.

Opening Your Windows Also Calls for Some Air Duct Cleaning

Along with opening your windows for the spring, it might be smart to get your air ducts cleaned and checked. There can be a large build-up of dust, dirt, and other harmful contaminants from your home’s duct system. The debris will enter the home if not cleaned out properly by a professional like Superior Air Duct Cleaning.

Your duct system can obtain moisture and heat that causes bacteria to accumulate resulting in mold and mildew. Mold and mildew build-up can be very harmful to you and your family’s health. In the winter, this can cause illnesses from the bacteria and pollution.

It is extremely important to open your windows to fresh air in the spring, get rid of toxic cleaning supplies, use natural cleaners, and get an air duct system cleaning!

Superior Air Duct Cleaning

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