The Benefits of Having a Humidifier for Your Home

Humidifiers ultimately add the right amount of moisture to the air of your home and give you benefits. During the winter months, and even into the early spring, your air can become dry, which can cause many issues with your indoor air quality and your health. By installing a humidifier, you’ll be combating some of these issues in your home.

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Here are some major benefits to installing a humidifier:

Helping Sickness

Having dry air in your home can cause a person to have a dry cough, which is difficult to shake and get over. When moisture is added and humidity levels are higher, this can help break your cough and release the phlegm.

Studies also show that when humidity levels are higher, influenza virus particles are less likely to become infectious in the home. It helps kill sickness and keep the air moisturized.

Benefits the Home

Moisture in the air benefits not only people, but also the home. Dry air will pull moisture from wood surfaces such as hardwood floorings and other expensive wood furniture. This may cause the joints to split, which will break down your furniture that you paid so much money for. Moist air feels warmer than dry air, so that means you can save money on your energy bills by turning down your thermostat a few degrees.

Installing a Humidifier:

Superior Air Duct Cleaning offers the sales and installation of central flow through humidifiers for your convenience. These come with a separate humidistat, which are wired to your furnace to allow for easy operations and high efficiency. It will be a great benefit to have us install a humidifier for you and your family. If you have had problems in the winter in the past with dry air, sickness, allergies, and uncomfortable living during these months, it may be time to consider a humidifier.

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