Maintaining Your Furnace in Winter Months

Home Furance IgnitedThe cold winter months make us want to stay inside and curl up under a blanket. Keeping warm against the freezing temperatures is important for comfort, health, and safety, which is why you need a furnace that you can trust.

Superior Air Duct Cleaning compiled some furnace maintenance tips that will help your furnace run smoothly during the winter.

Perform a Quick Onceover

The first step is to give your furnace a quick onceover by taking some time to look at your system. Double check that everything, from the venting pipes to the drainage tubes, is fastened and secured to your system. Looking over your furnace will help you identify which parts of it need to be cleaned or fixed. Change out your furnace air filter and make sure no barriers are located near the machine. Make note of any repairs or changes you need to make to your furnace and notify your professional of any issues you noticed.

Eliminate Dirt and Debris

You want your furnace to work to its maximum potential in the winter months to keep you and your family warm. When dust and dirt clog up your furnace, your machine will be sub-par at best. Dust out your furnace by first using a soft-tipped paintbrush on the inner components and next vacuuming up the unwanted materials; it’s an easy fix that can make a huge difference!

Do the Right Checks

There are a few other things you can check on your system to ensure it runs efficiently this winter. Guarantee your gas shutoff valve is open all the way so that gas gets to your furnace. Make sure to turn the furnace door switch on. Check your condensate lines and tubing for any clogging. Consider adjusting your dampers as needed to ensure airflow is not restricted.

However, we believe the best thing you can do for your furnace in the winter months is call in a professional for a thorough cleaning and inspection. While you can do a bit of surface cleaning on your own, your furnace needs a deep clean to ensure it functions at its best.

Superior Air Duct Cleaning uses professional air wash techniques to remove all dirt and debris from your blower, electrical, and interchange compartments. Contact us today for a proper furnace, humidifier, and full HVAC inspection.

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