How Humidifiers Benefit Babies

Baby Asleep on Back PeacefullyIf you have a newborn or a baby at home, there is a long list of things that you should always have on hand in the baby’s nursery. From a crib and the proper bedding to a baby monitor and a changing table, the nursery should be stocked with everything you could ever need to take care of your baby.

However, some people believe that one of the most important items to include in a baby’s nursery is a humidifier.

Here are some of the ways a humidifier can benefit your baby.

Stops your baby’s nose from drying out

If you choose not to use a humidifier in your baby’s nursery, the air in the room is likely going to be dry, especially in colder months. Dry air will often dry out your baby’s nose and make it harder than it should be for your baby to breathe. In extreme cases, dry air can even cause your baby’s nose to bleed if it gets to be too dry. Using a humidifier will put moisture into the air and stop your baby’s nose from experiencing any problems.

Prevents your baby from suffering from dry skin

In addition to drying out your baby’s nose, dry air can also wreak havoc on your baby’s skin if you don’t utilize a humidifier on a regular basis. Most babies have sensitive skin, and it can become itchy and irritated when there isn’t any moisture in the air. Your baby may even develop a skin condition like eczema due to a lack of moisture. By turning a humidifier on in your baby’s nursery, you’ll likely make the baby’s skin softer and keep your baby happy.

Allows your baby to sleep better at night

Babies need a lot of sleep when they’re still little. But they’re probably not going to be able to get much of it when the air in their nursery is dry. Dry air can cause colds, stuffy noses, coughing, congestion, and more and stop babies from getting sleep. You can help your baby sleep better at night and during nap time by turning a humidifier on. It’ll put moisture out into the air, and as an added bonus, it’ll also make a gentle humming sound that’ll soothe your baby as they drift off to sleep.

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