Improve Your Indoor Air Quality in the Winter

Your indoor air quality is crucial during the winter months because our windows are closed, and we’re stuffed up in the house because of the cold weather. It’s important for you to keep the indoor environment comfortable and healthy because you’ll be spending these next few months locked up. Here are some tips on how to improve your indoor air quality this winter.

Indoor Air Quality during the winterClean Regularly

Cleaning more frequently in the winter is vital for your air quality and health. Dust will build up as always on your furnishings, so it’s important to clean them and make sure they are not swept into the air. Pay attention to your furniture for dust. If you see a build-up, get rid of it.

Vacuuming and cleaning your carpets will make for a cleaner home. Dust and other particles build up in the carpet easily, which can cause unhealthy air. This can lead to respiratory issues and sickness in the winter.

Washing your bedding regularly. Germs will collect in your bed after some time, and they can stick to your skin and hair, which is obviously unhealthy for you. Washing them and changing the sheets will keep you and your bed clean.

More Cleaning:

  • Clean bathroom regularly
  • Clean your kitchen every day and after cooking
  • Change your furnace air filter

Use Natural Products

Since the house may be stuffy, it’s good to start using natural cleaners instead of chemical cleaners. If you’re using chemical cleaners mostly, you’re releasing unhealthy toxins in the air, which cannot escape in the closed-up house.

Get some plants: Houseplants will help purify the air and keep the air fresh in your home.

Consider getting an electric air cleaner for your home. The Superior Air Duct cleaners capture over 94% of the particles that pass through it. They trap dust, dirt, and harmful allergens that can circulate through the house in the duct system. Check out our previous blog post for the benefits!

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