Importance of Furnace Cleaning

Your furnace can gather dust, dirt, and other debris over time within the blower and electrical compartments. Of course, it’s already the new year, but if you haven’t gotten your furnace cleaned, it’s time to do it before the long winter ahead.

man cleaning furnace for the winterWhy You Should Get It Cleaned

The build-up of debris in the furnace’s parts can decrease the efficiency of the furnace, which means your winter won’t be as comfortable this year. It will make your furnace work harder to heat your home resulting in an increase in your energy bills. If you get a service to clean it like Superior Air Duct Cleaning, you won’t have to worry about being uncomfortable in your home during the several months of cold temperatures. We recommend you get your furnace cleaned within a three-year period.


  • Cleaner air and home environment
  • Reduces allergens
  • Easier breathing
  • Eliminates bad odors and smells
  • Improves air flow

Superior Air Duct Cleaning conducts a furnace inspection, humidifier inspection, and an evaluation of all filters/air cleaners associated with the HVAC system. Having an overall inspection of these working parts that are associated with the HVAC system will ensure that you will have a good condition furnace working at its full potential.

Health Issues with a Bad-Working Furnace

There are plenty of reasons why you should get your furnace inspected, and health is one of the main reasons. Gas leaks and carbon monoxide can be caused by a poorly functioning furnace. These gases can be poisonous and deadly to the human body. Allergens and sickness can arise with poor indoor air quality, and the winter is a tough time already with sickness.

Superior Air Duct Cleaning

At Superior Air Duct, we specialize in providing commercial and residential air duct cleaning in Toronto, ON and many of the surrounding areas.

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