The Benefits of an Electric Air Cleaner

Electric Air Cleaners can be extremely beneficial to people with asthma or allergy issues in the home. It helps to purify the air and clean out your home’s air quality to make it better. It might be a good investment this winter season if your family is prone to allergies.

At Superior Air Duct, we offer the Honeywell electronic air cleaner, which is an electric air cleaner that traps dust, dirt, and harmful allergens that circulates through the duct system.

woman reading by the fireplaceBenefits:

  • Creates healthier and purer quality of air
  • Improves air flow
  • Makes heating and cooling system more efficient
  • Comes with 5-year warranty from manufacturer
  • Qualified and experienced Superior ADC installation

If you’re looking to have a healthier winter season, investing in an electric air cleaner is the best option for you. It will be able to cut costs on your heating and cooling because they will be working more efficiently as a result of the electric air cleaner.

Indoor Air Quality Problems in the Winter

The cold weather brings upon several problems every year and home owners begin filling in those air leaks that cause drafts and insulating to lower energy bills in the winter. When these contaminants and pollutants have no where to escape, this causes poor indoor air quality resulting in illness and uncomfortable winters for the family. An electric air cleaner is what can combat this problem making your air purer.

Superior Air Duct

At Superior Air Duct, we specialize in providing commercial and residential air duct cleaning in Toronto, ON and many of the surrounding areas. We provide electric air cleaners and installation for you and your family. These air cleaners can help improve your indoor air quality this winter season and cut your energy bills by improving the efficiency of your heating system.

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