Holiday HVAC Energy Savings

Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, or HVAC systems, make up a huge portion of any home’s energy bill. Homeowners are always wary when considering the prospect of changing out a furnace or another expensive component within this system. However, even given the cost of buying new equipment, the technology available in today’s HVAC system market almost pays for itself through energy savings and environmentally-friendly standards.


Performing an energy audit on your home is an easy way to find out what kinds of new technology upgrades that your home or commercial facility can benefit from. Usually, this will include a blower-door test that helps determine where energy is being lost throughout the building. Poor window glazing or plaster cracks are sources of energy waste that may only be found by performing an audit such as this.


Toronto HVAC Energy Savings


Once the energy audit has been completed, a HVAC professional can determine your property’s official home energy rating system (HERs) score. Homes that are constructed with the Energy Star seal of approval typically have a HERs score of 60, while older homes typically range from 120 to 150 on the HERs scoring system. Homes that have already been constructed can still find a lot of ways to reduce this score by purchasing more energy efficient heating and cooling equipment, as well as sealing off areas where heat can leave the home.


Many homes have furnaces that are too big, and this can lead to uneven heating throughout a home as well as wasted energy. Sometimes the ductwork can be renovated to alleviate this problem, but often this can be more expensive than replacing the proper furnace or boiler component.


With these improvements, a home can realize some amazing energy savings. As this article published by The Toronto Star shows, a homeowner can see savings of hundreds of kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity every single month. There are even public programs that area residents can take advantage of that may offer $1,000 or more as a rebate for energy use reduction.


Improving your HVAC system may seem costly, but it will pay for itself down the road if you do it wisely. Superior Air Duct Cleaning has the staff and professional connections necessary to help you find a thorough energy audit service. Schedule your inspection today and get one-step closer to a much smaller monthly energy bill.




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