Check Your Air Duct Vents in the New Year

This year, instead of just bettering yourself, take the time to better your home with some of the ventilation cleaning services available from Superior Air Duct Cleaning. Here are a few of the areas we can clean in your home.

Air DuctsHome Vent Cleaning

Although we usually just pass by them without a second thought, the air ducts in our homes can collect quite a bit of debris as the year goes on. When you hire the team at Superior Air Duct Cleaning, we go through each vent in your home and carefully clean out any dust, dirt and harmful materials that have built up that could cause the air of your home to be less than ideal to breathe in. This can also help improve air circulation and remove blockages that overwork your HVAC equipment.

Kitchen & Bathrooms

Any type of buildup in a kitchen vent can cause the room to not ventilate properly. Leaving any smoke or steam that is created to settle on surfaces or to linger in the room can leave you with a cloudy eating area or damp surfaces that can harbor ideal conditions for mold growth. The same is true in your bathroom after a hot shower or bath. By making sure these vents are cleaned with our thorough process, you’ll have no problem keeping air in your kitchen or bathrooms clean and clear.

Clothes Dryer

When the vents of your dryer aren’t regularly cleaned, a ton of dust and lint can accumulate and result in your machine working at a less than ideal level. This means your clothes will take longer to dry and you’ll spend more time being spent cleaning your clothes than necessary, while also putting undue strain on your dryer that can make it wear out more quickly. With a cleaning, your dryer will won’t have to work as hard to dry your clothes, extending its lifespan. Dryer lint is also highly flammable, and a build up can be a serious fire hazard. Having dryer vents regularly cleaned is important to keeping your home safe.


If your furnace isn’t cleaned, any dust or debris that has built up in it can cause it to malfunction, leading to unwanted and unexpected repairs – often on the coldest days of the year, according to Murphy’s law. Your furnace should be cleaned once every three years at a minimum can help excessive accumulation of this dirt and debris and can be part of a preseason maintenance schedule to help make sure your furnace is in good condition before the cold weather moves in each fall.

Superior Air Duct Cleaning offers a full range of services to keep your vents clean and clear and your home air quality high at any time of year. To learn more about our cleaning capabilities or to schedule a service appointment, give us a call today at 877-891-3828.

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