Air Ducts and the Better Business Bureau

In any industry, there are going to be a fair deal of pretenders and cons who will try to earn money without doing any of the real work. When it comes to duct cleaning, it can be incredibly frustrating. Keeping a clean house is incredibly important, but many homeowners and building managers have to trust the professional to know exactly what they need because they’re not too familiar with duct cleaning themselves.


They do know, however, when they’re being ripped off. The Better Business Bureau has received countless complaints over the years about small companies who promise a low price to clean a house’s air ducts, only to jack up the price once in the home and spray the furnace with some sanitizer instead of cleaning the ten or more air ducts traveling throughout the home that they promised.


One problem is that, outside of lodging a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, there aren’t too many ways of going after these companies for performing shoddy work. And these complaints typically won’t be seen by too many people, which means these companies can continue tricking unsuspecting customers into poor decisions.


Guidelines for selecting an air duct cleaning service from a couple of organizations can return a lot of confidence to a property owner and help them make the right decision. Both the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) acknowledge that you should expect to pay between $450 to $1,000 for duct cleaning, depending on the amount of service provided. Services that promise prices lower than this often jack up their initial offer after a quick inspection.


These groups also caution that customers should beware of services that try to bully property owners into making sure that they schedule a cleaning appointment. In many cases, these fear tactics are an indication that a company doesn’t know what it’s doing or doesn’t care about their job more than making the sale.



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