Make Sure Your Home is Prepared for the Cold

The people of Toronto are certainly familiar with freezing temperatures, and this is the time of year that tests our resolve to battle the cold.

air duct cleaning for the winter

Even lifelong residents of the Greater Toronto Area can use a refresher every now and again about making sure that you’re prepared for ice storms and other weather emergencies caused by the cold. Superior Air Duct Cleaning wants to take this opportunity to remind all of our customers of some things they should be thinking about to prepare for the winter.

Checking your home furnace and making sure that it’s operating properly is a big step in making sure that your home will be protected from the cold. The service life of a furnace is typically around 15 years before the unit needs to be replaced. Getting a professional service to check your furnace can help you spot issues early and will likely save you money in the long run.

Insulating your home’s ventilation ducts is a good way to ensure that more of the heat stays in your home. The above article cites statistics available from the U.S. Department of Energy that reports 60% of a furnace’s heat is lost in ductwork that isn’t insulated. Keeping the ducts clean of dirt and dust is one way to make sure that air flows evenly through the ductwork and prevent heat loss.

Although many people feel like turning on a space heater or two is a simple way to fix a heating problem, there are many risks associated with running these units. You have to be sure that any combustible materials, like blankets and clothing, are located far away from the heater. You should also make sure to pay attention to proper ventilation when working with fossil fuel generators that run on kerosene or gasoline.

Superior Air Duct Cleaning wants to do all we can to make sure your home is safe and warm this winter. Give us a call and ask about our winter weather consultations and duct cleaning services.

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