Keep Air Inside Breathable With Regular Cleaning, Filtration

The importance of having high-quality air inside your home can never be understated. Poor indoor air quality can lead to a number of negative effects on your health – some short-term, like allergy flare-ups, though other issues can develop into more serious conditions.

Especially dealing with COVID-19, it’s important that your indoor air is of high quality. To protect yourself and everyone else in your home, we’re going to take a look at how regular duct cleaning and air filters can go a long way towards improving your indoor air quality.

How Does Indoor Air Quality Get Bad?

You may be shocked to learn that there are all sorts of bacteria in the air ducts throughout your home. These bacteria are born when moisture accumulates throughout the ducts, leading to all sorts of nasty things – including mold. In turn, this contaminates air all throughout your home, ensuring at least some of these particles entering your mouth and nostrils every time you take a breath.

How to Combat this Problem in Your Living Space

Fortunately, there are a number of ways you can reduce and eliminate the presence of bacteria in your ducts altogether. Within a couple of hours, experienced clean air specialists can completely sanitize the air ducts throughout your property. The cleaning process involves the removal of all dirt, grime and anything else that have built up over time. After the cleaning is complete, a sanitizer is applied to the duct system, removing any traces of lingering bacteria.

As we mentioned, regular duct cleanings aren’t the only way to protect you and your family from unhealthy air. You can also take preventative measures by having HEPA filters installed in your home. In the event that harmful bacteria, excessive dust or other irritants return to your ducts – which tends to happen periodically – these filters will keep the air as clean as possible by filtering out up to 99.97 percent of particles that are 0.3 microns or larger before they reach you.

Air Duct Cleaning Services for Better Indoor Air Quality

By taking advantage of duct cleaning services and HEPA filters, you can radically improve the indoor air quality in your home in no time. With November being an important month for breathing health – as it’s both COPD Awareness Month and Lung Cancer Awareness Month – there’s no time like the present to ensure that your home is filled with clean, healthy air. For more information on Superior Air Duct Cleaning’s full range of cleaning and filtration services, contact us today!

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