Keep Kitchen and Bathroom Vents Clear

As you start buttoning up your home for the frosty weather ahead, you’ve probably not considered how well your kitchen and bathroom ventilation systems are cleaned and in perfect working order. However, both areas should be checked before sealing up your windows and shutting the doors this fall. Here are a few important reasons to have your vents cleaned this season.


Your bathroom is one place where ventilation is incredibly important, especially in the winter. Beyond the foul odors that can come from regular use, there’s also the byproduct of your daily shower – steam. The hot, wet air that forms during your wash and rinse can linger in the bathroom air, condensing in the ceiling rafters or above ceiling tiles. If your vents are underperforming – or not working at all – this problem can worsen, allowing not only for the moisture to build up, but also potentially mold and mildew. If not addressed, these can create serious problems to tiles, including staining and degradation, and can even become a health problem if allowed to grow unchecked.
Bathroom Vent


The kitchen is another vital area for ventilation. While cooking, your stovetop and oven create a lot of heat, which makes meal preparation all the more cozy when the weather outside is cold and blustery. However, unventilated or underventilated kitchens can also present problems. For one, greasy foods being prepared can release grease into the air, creating sticky cabinets and allowing odors to linger for days. You also could be creating foul odors during your cooking or even smoke, which can not only create unpleasant smells, but also cause smoke detectors to go off. Most seriously, poorly ventilated kitchens in homes with gas stoves could be risking carbon monoxide issues. Part of the emissions from using gas burners is CO gas, which is a dangerous and silent poison. With poor ventilation, your kitchen could be allowing these fumes to build – possibly to dangerous levels.
Without the ability to open windows in the cold months, it’s all the more important to make sure your ventilation is working well before winter settles in. At Superior Air Duct Cleaning, we are experts when it comes to cleaning ventilation and exhaust systems, checking filters and duct work to ensure that your system is clear and in great working order. For more information on our bathroom and kitchen vent cleaning services – or any of our other clean air products or services – contact us today.

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