Get Your Electronic Air Cleaner Clean with an Acid Bath

Keeping the air in our home clean is very important to protecting the health of your family. That’s why many have installed appliances like electronic air cleaners to make sure the air in their homes is always breathable. To make sure they keep running at optimum levels, however, they require regular cleaning.
The main reason electronic air cleaners need to be cleaned is because over time they can collect numerous pollutants, dust and dirt that will builds up on the appliance. This can cause the cleaners to operate less efficiently. To ensure that your air cleaner continues to remove unwanted particulates and irritants effectively, you should make sure to have them regularly cleaned.
Electronic air cleaners should be washed and cleaned roughly every three months to ensure peak performance. This can be done simply at home, and marking your calendar or setting a reminder in your smartphone can help you to remember to do it regularly.
After an extended period, however, the filter can become too dirty for a standard cleaning to restore the filter’s efficiency. This is when an acid bath cleaning is called for. An acid bath cleaning typically takes about a week to complete, and involves the filter or filters being taken from the appliance and returned to our facility for a thorough cleaning. Our team will leave a temporary filter while yours is soaked in a three-stage acid bath wash, which cleans away years of built up gunk and residue. Once the process is complete, the cleaned filter is returned to your home, allowing your system to once again operate at like-new efficiency to keep the air in your home clean and irritant free.
Superior Air Duct Cleaning offers numerous air cleaning services, including acid baths for electronic air cleaners, as well as air duct cleaning and chimney sweeping. For more information on our services or to receive a free quote over the phone, call us today at 877-891-DUCT (3828).

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