Don’t Spring a Leak – Replace Your Washing Machine Hoses

As we use our washing machines just like any other appliance, parts on them wear and eventually need replacing. An example of this would be the hoses that lead to the machine, often attached in the back and disposing of the waste water from the machine. Most models today use rubber for its durability, but when it comes time to replace it, you will likely be better off with a steel hose.
Now, it may seem like there’s no reason to switch to steel from rubber but the truth is that a steel hose could save you from a huge disaster. Rubber hoses can potentially burst, causing water to go everywhere. This can lead to a great deal of money being spent on repairs due to water damage.
A burst washing machine hose can be even more harmful in condos or commercial buildings. Say the hose bursts on a high floor. Whatever water leaks out into hidden spaces on that floor could then leak down to floors below, causing damage not only to the building, but to people’s belongings as well. In a condo or apartment building, it could even go as far as displacing people temporarily while repairs are made – and may even cause them to move out permanently.
Braided steel hoses tighten onto the spout of the washing machine and are less likely to burst. Steel hoses are fairly inexpensive too, meaning that a small investment now can save you a ton of headaches, problems and money down the road.
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