Ethical Air Duct Cleaning

It may seem like spring is taking its sweet, precious time getting here, but with April approaching it really is just on the horizon. As the warm weather sweeps across the land, many homeowners get the urge to clean out an entire winter’s worth of dust, dirt and mud from their houses.


Whenever giving your home a thorough clean, it’s very important to consider the air ducts of your home. Otherwise, you could spend an entire year breathing in the same air polluted by air duct buildup.


We’ve discussed the many ways that air duct cleaning can contribute to better indoor health for residences and businesses alike. Today, however, Superior Air Duct Cleaning wants to warn its readers to be on the lookout for businesses and contractors taking advantage of this busy time of the year.


There’s no region of the world that is immune to price-gouging con artists from any industry. Because of the ease of starting up a contracting business like an air duct cleaner, there are times that unsavory businesses can take advantage of unsuspecting homeowners who are just trying to move on with their spring cleaning.


If homeowners don’t do their research into a cleaning service and have contracted one that intends to take them for a ride, they could end up with cleaning bills that are many times over the originally quoted price. Take, for instance, the story reported in this article published by This report talks about one company in the area of Charlotte, South Carolina, that has been charging property owners hundreds and even thousands of extra dollars in some cases for air duct cleaning services.


The company, Green Air Care, has been downgraded to an F rating by the Better Business Bureau, and even the state’s Attorney General’s office has had two complaints filed against the company.


Here at Superior Air Duct Cleaning, we’re quick to point out testimonials from actual customers and provide examples of our past work. When you want an air duct cleaning contractor you can trust in the Greater Toronto Area, call us to make sure you commercial and residential springtime cleaning is handled quickly and professionally.




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