Month: April 2016

Spring Cleaning: Don’t Forget Your Chimney!

Chimney Cleaning

Now that weather is starting to get nicer, homeowners are starting their spring cleaning for the season. One item that is sometimes forgotten in this process is the home’s chimney. Plus, many don’t know the first thing about cleaning a chimney. So if you are looking to clean yours out but need help, Superior Air… Read more »

Contractor or Home Builder? Let Us Keep Your Site Clean

During construction and renovation projects, dust, dirt and other debris is constantly being kicked up into building’s duct system. Then, once everything is done, the property owner is left with taking care of whatever has accumulated. Many of them may just go ahead and start the cleaning the duct system themselves, while others are left looking… Read more »

Let Us Handle Your Commercial Property or Apartment Building

Serving businesses throughout the greater Toronto area since 2004, Superior Air Duct Cleaning focuses on quality, with all work done by our trained staff – never subcontracted. We are a NADCA (HVAC Inspection, Maintenance and Restoration Association) certified company, and each of our technicians have the best training and knowledge they need to do a… Read more »

Celebrating the Environment for Arbor Week

  In Ontario, Arbor Week is celebrated from the last Friday in April through the first Sunday in May, which means this year’s Arbor Week is right around the corner. What are you doing to celebrate the environment? With the recent focus on healthier living and protecting the environment, there’s no better time to celebrate… Read more »