Celebrating the Environment for Arbor Week

Arbor week


In Ontario, Arbor Week is celebrated from the last Friday in April through the first Sunday in May, which means this year’s Arbor Week is right around the corner. What are you doing to celebrate the environment?

With the recent focus on healthier living and protecting the environment, there’s no better time to celebrate our planet and remind everyone that it’s our collective responsibility to take care of the earth. When you’re living your busy lives, though, it can be hard to think of even more ways to protect the environment. Sure, you make sure to recycle, and you plant a tree every now and then, but what else can you do to have a lasting impact?

Well, let Superior Duct Cleaning help you out! We are committed to being as green as possible when it comes to your HVAC systems.

Here are a few things Superior Duct Cleaning is doing to stay green:

First and foremost, we always make sure to evaluate your HVAC system to look for signs that the system is operating improperly. If there are ways to increase the system’s efficiency, by washing filters or performing repairs, our technicians will work with you to solve the problem.

Plus, we use washable furnace filters with lifetime warranties for many HVAC systems, which will reduce the amount of waste you contribute to the environment be allowing you to continually reuse the same filter.

We’re also committed to using all natural cleaning products, which means that all of our products are biodegradable, and no chemicals that could be harmful to people or the environment are ever used. All of our sanitizers are chemical free, and approved by Health Canada.

We even have an idle-free policy, which means that our technicians do not leave their vehicles idling, whether they’re waiting for a customer, or running inside a store to pick up lunch.

These are a few things we are doing in our daily business to help make sure that the environment stays protected. For more information on how to offset your carbon footprint and help reduce your daily waste, check out Arbor Day’s Take Action page. And if you think your HVAC systems, exhaust systems, or even your chimney, have been running inefficiently, see if it’s time for a tune-up or if there are other efficiency steps that you can take by calling us at 877-891-3828 today to schedule an appointment.

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