Spring Cleaning: Don’t Forget Your Chimney!

Now that weather is starting to get nicer, homeowners are starting their spring cleaning for the season. One item that is sometimes forgotten in this process is the home’s chimney. Plus, many don’t know the first thing about cleaning a chimney. So if you are looking to clean yours out but need help, Superior Air Duct Cleaning can help.
Now many at first might not see the need of chimney cleaning as it might not always be in use in the home. However, over the years, chimneys accumulate a reasonable amount of creosote from wood that has not fully combusted. This substance is highly flammable and one single spark can land in the wrong way and start a fire. Chimney fires can spread quickly through the home, so it is imperative that they are cleaned regularly.
At Superior Air Duct Cleaning, our professional staff will conduct a thorough chimney cleaning process to keep your home safe from the threat of a chimney fire.
First, our technicians will place cloths around the chimney to prevent debris from the cleaning process from getting into your home and staining your furniture. They will then go ahead and remove any wood and ashes from the fireplace itself.
Once that is done, a large hose will be placed at the bottom of the chimney that will catch falling materials from the cleaning. We will then insert air-powered rods with brushes attached to them that will thoroughly clean the chimney. Then when the process is done, our technician will inspect the chimney again just to double check that all the soot, creosote and other built-up materials have been wiped out of it. If it is clean, your chimney is safe for use for another year.
In addition to chimney cleaning, Superior Air Duct Cleaning also offers commercial, residential and industrial air duct cleaning. If you would like more information on our other services, call us today at 877-891-3828.

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