The Right Season for Air Duct Cleaning

It may seem strange to hear that there are certain seasons that are perfect for air duct cleaning, but there truly are. During the seasons of summer and winter, we are often using our air ducts for heating or cooling. Yet we don’t realize that when we are using those air ducts during that time, you can actually end up losing a lot of cool or warm air due to the air ducts having tears, holes or leaks. Around 20% of your air can be lost if you haven’t had your air ducts checked in a few years.

The result ends up causing you to pay more in energy than you would normally during these seasons. So during the fall, it’s one of the perfect seasons to get those air ducts checked out. The fall is often just cool enough but not too cool to where you won’t use your air ducts, so you can get it cleaned before the winter comes and you need to keep things warm but after you had used it for the summer to keep cool.

These holes and leaks in particular are rather common with homes that have been around for a considerable time. This is because many of the air ducts are built to run through the attics that no one really ever wants to keep heated or cooled. So during that same time you can get your air ducts cleaned and have the attic sealed off so you aren’t wasting air up into areas where no one will be.

Regardless, getting cleanings during times when you aren’t using the air ducts is the most important, but after you had used them so you can point out problems you might have had with it and then we can focus on that.

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