Spring Allergies: How Duct Cleaning Helps

With spring just around the corner, that mean many Canadians will soon be reunited with their favorite part of the season: spring allergies. Pollens and other irritants find their way into the ducts of our home, where they can freely circulate, soon spreading all throughout the structure. However, all of this discomfort and irritation can be avoided with a professional air duct cleaning with Superior Air Duct Cleaning.

electric air cleaner

First, the technician will shut off the HVAC system in your home. Then, once the equipment is all hooked up, they will apply highly pressurized air to the supply vents, pushing out any pollens or pollutants in them. After that, the equipment is then switched to the return ducts, clearing them of any irritants that might be circling back into the central unit. Finally, the air conditioning unit and furnace are thoroughly cleaned, leaving your home pollen- and irritant-free.

Now, once this procedure is done, you can breathe easier, but other irritants can make their way back into your home. To help protect your home from them, you could have an electric air cleaner installed. These devices can filter more than 94 percent of the particles that pass through them and require little maintenance to keep the filtration running smoothly.

Another great option is changing the filter you use in your duct system. Pleated and HEPA air filters are great because their designs allow them to filter out more than an average filter – as much as 99.9 percent of pollens, dusts and other irritants. They will not only keep the air in your home free of problems, but ensure that your whole home’s overall quality of the air improves as well.

Superior Air Duct Cleaning offers residential, commercial and industrial air duct cleaning services. Our staff is very highly trained and will make sure that the air you breathe at your job or in your own home is of the highest quality. If you would like more information on our services or would like a free quote over the phone, feel free to call us today at 877-891-3828!


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