Questions to Ask Yourself When Considering Duct Cleaning

There are hundreds of reasons for people to worry about their air quality or their air ducts in a home or work environment, but all of that can be eased with just asking yourself a few questions before you decide you have to worry about your air quality.


  1. Are you moving into a new home?

If you are having the ducts cleaned can save you a lot of stress early on, especially if the home hasn’t been occupied in some time, you never know how much dust and other things have accumulated in the ducts.


  1. Do People live here with respiratory problems?

Any kind of asthma or lung issues can be made extensively worse by having poor air circulation, or any number of pollens or dusts in the vents of your house. Cleaning them often can save a lot of trouble.


  1. Is there a strong smell or black marks around the vents?

One of the first signs of a home lacking proper circulation or not being used often is the smell coming out of the air ducts and vents when the heat or air conditioning is turned on. Black marks or black bits blowing from the vents can be just as bad, and could suggest mold issues.


  1. Do animals occupy the house?

This can include pests like rodents as well, but any kind of animal, including your pets often clog up the vents with hair a lot faster as they shed layers of hair regularly, especially if you aren’t brushing them.


  1. Was there any recent remodeling or construction on the home?

If you’ve done any changes to the home, or had major construction projects within the house, the vents tend to get clogged up with sawdust and other construction fallout.


There’s always more questions to ask yourself when you are considering air duct cleaning, just think about it. And remember to do your research before you decide on someone to clean your air ducts!


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