Keeping Chimney Clean Key to Staying Safe

If you own a fireplace, you no doubt appreciate the warmth and class that it can provide for your home, but a fireplace is only efficient – and safe – if it is cleaned regularly. It may seem like an extra cost but having regular cleanings could literally save your life. Here’s what a chimney cleaning can do for you.

Cleaning Out a ChimneyCleaning Your Chimney Can Save Your House

The primary reason to clean your chimney is so that you can have your best chance of preventing a chimney fire. Fires should stay in your fireplace and not spread to the stack connected to your fireplace, but an uncleaned chimney can allow the buildup or flammable residues and can lead to a destructive, dangerous and even deadly fire.

Most fires occur due to the accumulation of creosote from regular use. In a nutshell, creosote is a tar-like substance that occurs as a byproduct of burning wood. If you have live fires in your fireplace, you will begin to collect creosote, and this material is highly combustible. Having your chimney cleaned regularly can clear this creosote and keep this space hazard free.

Avoid Smoke Damage

Another reason to have your chimney cleaned regularly is so you can prevent smoke damage within your home. When you have a buildup of gunk in your chimney, soot will begin to accumulate near the flue. This creates a blockage in your chimney’s ventilation which can prevent the smoke from moving upward. When smoke can’t vent easily by going up and out your chimney, it most often goes down and into your home instead.

This can do more than just create an unwanted and pungent smell. Smoke damage is a big no-no, and the black staining it creates can be almost impossible to remove. Keeping your chimney clean by having it cleaned annually – or more often if you use your fireplace frequently – can help prevent this from occurring.

For Your Health

Cleaning out your chimney is a good idea to keep you healthy and happy, too. When your chimney gets blocked, the burning wood within can cause dangerous carbon monoxide emissions that are very dangerous when inhaled. Carbon monoxide poisoning causes hundreds of fatalities every year, so stay on the safe side and get your chimney cleaned so that you can rest easy in knowing that your home’s ventilation is working as it should.

Get it Done by the Professionals

When you are ready to make your chimney spic and span, call the experts at Superior Air Duct Cleaning. We will come to your home and give your chimney a full cleaning so you can be sure that your home and your health are safe and secure.  To learn more or to schedule a chimney cleaning appointment, call us today at 877-891-3828.

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