How to Keep Your Restaurant Air Quality Clean

Restaurant air quality is something that can be overlooked by owners in the business. We are so focused on the cleanliness and quality of the food itself, we don’t realize the effect that the air quality has on the restaurant and the environment. As a restaurant owner, the customer’s satisfaction is the number one priority, and it is essential to have the healthiest environment for them.

Restaurant kitchen releasing smoke and grease into the air systemsHow Restaurants Get Bad Air

A restaurant’s kitchen is much different than your kitchen at home because it is constantly being used. It is being used all day and most of the night for cooking, as well as foot traffic moving in and out. The amount of smoke and grease in a restaurant kitchen can have major effects in the building. If your heating and air conditioning system is in bad condition, they won’t be able to effectively filter and improve the air quality in the restaurant. The filters in the system can become dirty and clogged with grease and smoke.

How it Affects the Environment

Not only is the restaurant air quality affecting the establishment itself, but it also is a factor on the environment.  “Restaurants cook with large amounts of oils and other organic matter, which are aerosolized and ventilated from the kitchen in the form of exhaust.” These emissions are carried into the environment.

What to Do?

There are many steps to take when considering the quality of air in your restaurant. The kitchen of a restaurant is packed in with cooking and dish-washing equipment.

Here are some tips:

  • Keep your heating and air conditioning system in good condition by getting an inspection seasonally
  • Have proper ventilation, so it can get rid of smoke
  • CLEAN! – make sure to clean thoroughly to get rid of dust, food particles, etc. that can get blown into the system.
  • Make sure your employees clean with care and detail

If you are concerned with the air quality in your restaurant, please contact Superior Air Duct at 1-877-891-3828. We can help with your air and ventilation systems and make sure your restaurant air quality is in good condition for your customers and employees.

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