How to Keep Mold Out of Your Bathroom

Clean and Modern Bathroom SpaceUnfortunately, bathrooms are practically bred to encourage mold. They are often sterile because of the material used (tile, marble, etc.); there’s water almost constantly flowing, from showers, tubs, and sinks; and as a result, humidity is often high, which many types of mold particularly love.

It is important to keep mold out of your bathroom to make sure it is a hygienic, healthy environment with clean air.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

You need a reliable fan.

We cannot stress this enough—without a good and reliable fan, your bathroom will not stand a chance against mold. So, to put it simply, make sure your bathroom has a proper fan that is installed close to the shower where most of the steam is coming from. Once you have that, you’ll be able to work with what you have.

Keep the air flow going.

Now that you have a fan installed, with hot air rising, there are few places for it to go aside from windows and vents. It is this type of poor ventilation that results in high humidity which is one of the biggest drivers of mold. So, let’s focus on that: installing proper filters, including HEPA filters, with your fans is an easy way to get that air flow going, and make sure that all air that can get out is getting out, as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Inspect what you have.

You may have it all—a fan that works, and seamlessly filters air—but still, mold keeps growing. That’s when it’s time to get your bathroom inspected; there may be issues with the air duct, or leaks in the structures, that are causing this to happen. You will likely know if this is happening right away.

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