How Often Should a Homeowner Think About Cleaning the Air Ducts?

Good air quality is one of the most important factors for maintaining a healthy home. Much of the pollutants and contagions that can affect our health are airborne, and dusty air ducts can keep blowing the same dust around your home for years. Heavy furnace use during the winter months can also contribute to sickness and allergies as more air keeps pushing out of the ducts.

Cleaning your air ducts is a good way to keep indoor pollution levels low at your house. This you’re your home of dirt, mold and other particles stored within the furnace system, greatly reducing the number of airborne pollutants. Most homeowners hire a professional service to accomplish this work, as a lot of labor and specialized tools are required for the job.

Professional Air Duct Cleaner

Cleaning Your Ducts to Protect Your Family

How often should a homeowner think about cleaning the air ducts to protect the entire family? On average, two to three years between cleanings is good, but many homes can go up to five years without adversely affecting the health of inhabitants too greatly. However, if a family member has a condition like asthma or allergies, the air ducts should be cleaned more often than average.

Beyond health concerns, making sure that your home is pumping clean air from its furnace can make your residence feel more comfortable to your family and guests. Dust and airborne dirt can affect a person’s sense of smell and even taste. Walking into a fresher smelling home can instantly improve a person’s mood and make them feel cozy after a long day at work.

Installing Air Purification

Installing air purification equipment can help improve air quality and allow homeowners to go longer periods in between duct service appointments. A heat recovery ventilator, which conserves heat from home air exhaust, or a HEPA filtration system can help to reduce the airborne particles that cause allergies or trigger health conditions.

Superior Air Duct Cleaning knows that you’ll enjoy living in a cleaner and healthier home. If you have a home or residential facility that needs clean furnace vents in the Toronto area, give us a call to schedule an appointment today.


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